Reimagining Operations and Systems: Planning for Transformative Change

The way an organization operates and systems that are in place perpetuate racial inequities that are experienced within society. Organizations consist of employees, board members, and volunteers. The operations, systems and people must all be analyzed to determine why and how racial inequity occurs. Who are the people in leadership? What are their races? Is the community that you partner with well represented? We often view nonprofits as organizations that are in a position to help and serve, but we must interrogate both intentions and impact. Our society is built upon a racial hierarchy, therefore, to create racial equity where all races have what they need to succeed, organizations must be willing to be the change they want to see through actions.

This training will allow non-profit organizations to create a firm foundation that will further diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in systems, policies, procedures and daily activities within the organization. A path to racial equity requires that organizations be open to exploring racism explicitly and naming race within organizational goals. Embarking on the path to racial equity through a theory of change, and racial equity policy statements are tangible examples. Using an interactive format, we will have candid discussions about race in the workplace and reimagined operations and systems for racial equity.

Participants Will Learn:

  • Concepts such as racial equity, levels of racism, racial hierarchy, implicit bias, microaggressions, and prejudice, as well as other terms in simplest forms
  • Explore the fallacy of racial hierarchy and how it shows up within your organization
  • Interrogating organization history leading for racial equity
  • Reimagining operations and systems White dominant culture norms
  • Re-thinking leadership and organization culture continuum of becoming an anti-racist organization examples of successes/challenges in operations and systems

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Jul 18 - 19 2022


9:00 am - 2:30 pm

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